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    Aluminum Double Drawer Unit: DR-1224D-AL

    • HD slides, 2 Southco latches & one rubber handle
    • Drawer units include HD latches ball bearing slides and handles
    • Carpeted interior optional
    • Lock options available are:
      • Key locking latch
      • Push button combo (light duty)
      • Push button combo dead bolt (heavy duty)
    • Drawer divider options available (clear plexi)

    Overview: This system is fabricated from MDO waterproof wood base and using stainless steel, full extension, heavy duty drawer slides. The actual drawers are fabricated from .187” smooth aluminum bolted to the slides with stainless steel machine screws and nylon locking nuts. All edges are trimmed smooth and there shall be a rubber mat at the bottom of the drawer. The exterior of the cabinet is covered with marine style carpet and all exposed edges are trimmed in thick PVC bumper strip installed into a machined slot in the wood. Each drawer face shall be fabricated from ¾” black HDP hair cell finish material and bolted through the face of the aluminum drawer. Each drawer shall include two black flush mounted compression style latches, a rubber handle bolted through both materials and a push button deadbolt combination lock with the bolt secured into a metal receptacle for strength. Cabinet system shall be bolted through the floor of the vehicle with stainless steel hardware and shall not interfere with the lowering of the spare tire or fuel tank.

    Aluminum Double Drawer