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Chevy Tahoe  Command

  • Vehicle Make: Chevy Tahoe
  • Customer: Trumbull
  • Vehicle Mission: Command

  • Online Quote   or call 1-800-526-5106

Conversion Vehicle Information



  • Conversion Overview
  • Production id: tbd
  • Chassis: Tahoe
  • Body Type: SUV
  • Cabinet Used:EX-C2L
  • Siren: Whelen standard and Howler low freq siren
  • Interior: Custom Odyssey Console (ODYSSEY CON-100)
  • Exterior: Low Profile Lighting system installation is inconspicuous when not in service, but can't be missed when on call. Even the low band antenna is discreetly mounted on the front fenders for a low profile look.
  • Graphics: 
  • Electrical:Emergency lighting, equipment and accessories are wired to a master power circuit breaker with manual disconnect and a solenoid operating with the ignition switch. These components are mounted to an aluminum panel under the hood in a location that does not interfere with any factory equipment or service.
  • Radio:
  • Lighting: Whelen

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