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First Priority Emergency Vehicles: 973-347-4321

Ford Interceptor  Paramedic Response

  • Vehicle Make: Ford Interceptor
  • Customer: Chester County Hospital
  • Vehicle Mission: Paramedic Response

  • Online Quote   or call 1-800-526-5106

Conversion Vehicle Information

For a great way to control costs and maintain all weather response to emergencies, this hospital chose to turn a mid-size SUV into a Paramedic Response Unit. The end result is a vehicle more fuel efficient and easier to park than a full-size SUV, plus the proven performance of the Ford Explorer Interceptor.


  • Conversion Overview
  • Production id: NA
  • Chassis: Ford Interceptor SUV
  • Body Type: Light SUV
  • Cabinet Used:Modified Drawer Unit DR-1240 UI 1 with heavy duty quick release slides
  • Siren: Whelen Cencom Sapphire siren and light controller
  • Interior: Odyssey Utility interceptor console
  • Exterior: N/A
  • Graphics: Customer Supplied
  • Electrical:Equipment and accessories are wired to a master power circuit breaker with manual disconnect and a solenoid with ignition switch. These components are mounted to an aluminum panel under the hood in a location that does not interfere with any factory equipment or service. System include a 1000w pure wave inverter.
  • Radio: Motorola
  • Lighting: Whelen Liberty 12 LED light bar with alley lights and integrated traffic light controller.
    Whelen Vertex and LINZ6 LED Flashers installed in Grille. Fog light replacement LEDS installed in factory fog light location. Whelen Vertex lights installed on sides for front and rear intersection warning, also installed in rear tail lamps.

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