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Dodge 2700 RX7  Raid & Deployment

  • Vehicle Make: Dodge 2700 RX7
  • Customer: Riot, Tactical and Deployment Sprinters
  • Vehicle Mission: Raid & Deployment

  • Online Quote   or call 1-800-526-5106

Conversion Vehicle Information

This vehicle will be able to transport all of your special equipment and your specially trained personnel to the scene.

Running boards
Undercoating of body
Auxiliary battery system

Custom Raid and Deployment Sprinter

  • Conversion Overview
  • Production id: SSP000256
  • Chassis: Sprinter SMALL07
  • Body Type: Sprinter
  • Cabinet Used:Custom
  • Siren: Whelen 100 watt speaker
  • Interior: Finished interior with rubber floor, rugged marine carpet laminated to walls, hand holds at exit, center hand hold rail on ceiling, heat and AC
    Insulated & framed with plywood
    Coverings include: Cordura fabric, and Marine grade needle carpet
    Inverter, battery system and other electrical components neatly housed in storage compartment
    Removable blackout curtains for privacy and security
    Dry erase board on both doors
    Blackout curtains and tinted windows
    Flip-up seats for quick deployment or bench seat with weapons lockerand small tool drawer
    Full length bench seats with lift up cushions for storage underneath
    Weapons lockers with simplex dead bolt locks
    Inverter for AC power or generator
    High ouput rear AC and heat over cab
  • Exterior: Custom deployment platform with anti-slip metal
    Full length security screening on vehicle
    Insulated and finished interiors
    Front door and windshield riot screens
    Exterior riot screens installs rapidly, stores behind front seat
    Escape hatch
    Covert emergency warning light hidden behind lower windshield tint
    Tinted windows
  • Graphics: Odyssey graphics package
  • Electrical:Emergency lighting, equipment and accessories are wired to a master power circuit breaker with manual disconnect and a solenoid operating with the ignition switch. These components are mounted to an aluminum panel under the hood in a location that does not interfere with any factory equipment or service
  • Radio: Motorola
  • Lighting: Whelen lights

More Info

Odyssey Automotive Specialty has been converting emergency response vehicle for over three decades. Odyssey police vehicles are purpose built to provide dependable, durable service platforms for various applications. Mobile command centers, evidence collection vehicles, and SWAT tactical vehicles are built to specification depending on mission requirements. Police departments, sheriff's offices, and state and federal agencies have come to rely on Odyssey to provide unique solutions to their individual needs. When your agency is in need of a police command vehicle Odyssey can meet your needs


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