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First Priority Emergency Vehicles: 973-347-4321

Ford F450  Emergency Services

  • Vehicle Make: Ford F450
  • Customer: NYC Dept. of Health
  • Vehicle Mission: Emergency Services

  • Online Quote   or call 1-800-526-5106

Conversion Vehicle Information

This vehicle is a custom workstation on wheels. Odyssey uses the highest quality parts on our conversions. LED lighting, vehicular data connectivity, full length workstations and cabinets. We custom build it for your business.

First Aid kit
Portable LED lighting
Fire extinguisher
Night Vision camera system

Emergency Services Van

  • Conversion Overview
  • Production id: KIN6643
  • Chassis: Bus XCV44
  • Body Type: Bus
  • Cabinet Used:Odyssey custom built
  • Siren: Whelen Cencom siren and controller in console
    Whelen howler low frequency siren
    Air horn
  • Interior: Custom shelving and storage
    Professional work stations
    Bench seating with storage
    Dry eraser boards
  • Exterior: Awning
    Roof mounted AC and Heating system
    TV & Satellite antenna
    Trailer hitch
    Handicap Entrance
  • Graphics:  Odyssey graphics package
  • Electrical:Emergency lighting, equipment and accessories are wired to a master power circuit breaker with manual disconnect and a solenoid operating with the ignition switch. These components are mounted to an aluminum panel under the hood in a location that does not interfere with any factory equipment or service
  • Radio: Motorola
  • Lighting: Whelen Slim Light Super LED
    Windshield mounted lights
    Grill lights
    Headlight LED flasher insert
    Scene lighting

More Info

Odyssey Automotive Specialty has been converting emergency response vehicle for over three decades. Odyssey police vehicles are purpose built to provide dependable, durable service platforms for various applications. Mobile command centers, evidence collection vehicles, and SWAT tactical vehicles are built to specification depending on mission requirements. Police departments, sheriff's offices, and state and federal agencies have come to rely on Odyssey to provide unique solutions to their individual needs. When your agency is in need of a police command vehicle Odyssey can meet your needs.

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