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GMC 2500  Battalion Chief

  • Vehicle Make: GMC 2500
  • Customer: FDNY
  • Vehicle Mission: Battalion Chief

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Conversion Vehicle Information

This vehicle is a workstation and has the ability to support command and control functions during mobile operations. This vehicle will provide power, vehicular data connectivity, electrical power control from primary power units and mounted provisions for on-board and ancillary power

EMS Rollout, Enclosed and open storage, shelves with drop down cargo nets, Fire Department Rollout, Open storage compartments, PVC containers for pike poles


  • Conversion Overview
  • Production id: D1248
  • Chassis: Extended Crew Cab 4X4 Diesel Pickup XLS
  • Body Type: Pickups
  • Cabinet Used:CC40 and Mod-u-slide
  • Siren: Siren speakers 100 watt
    Three antenna bases come standard
  • Interior: Odyssey state of the art, vehicle specific console and electrical system including a Siren and light controller with illuminated legends and an Odyssey custom "plug in" harness sytem with function coded GXL wiring.
  • Exterior: Diamond plated aluminium running boards and rear splash guards
    Heavy duty receiver hitch and wiring
    Utility cap, running boards, tow hooks, trailer towing package, Graphics by Odyssey
  • Graphics: Odyssey Supplied
  • Electrical:Emergency lighting, equipment and accessories are wired to a master power circuit breaker with manual disconnect and a solenoid operating with the ignition switch. These components are mounted to an aluminum panel under the hood in a location that does not interfere with any factory equipment or service. Charge protection, emergency start system, ignition override, 2 15amp 120V shoreline connections
  • Radio:
  • Lighting: Emergency lighting equipment available from Whelen, Code 3, Sound Off and much more
    LED light bars with alley lighting. Front LED light bar with grille lights, headlight flasher, LED headlights, rear LED flashers, taillight LED flashers, intersection lights, rear arrows

More Info

Odyssey Specialty Vehicles has been converting emergency response vehicle for over three decades. Odyssey police vehicles are purpose built to provide dependable, durable service platforms for various applications. Mobile command centers, evidence collection vehicles, and SWAT tactical vehicles are built to specification depending on mission requirements. Police departments, sheriff's offices, and state and federal agencies have come to rely on Odyssey to provide unique solutions to their individual needs. When your agency is in need of a police command vehicle Odyssey can meet your needs.

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