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    • Back Board Position

     EMS Full Depth Cabinet for Full Size SUV: EMS90-T1L

    • This cabinet system has the transport board on the left side
    • Full size and depth EMS cabinet
    • Side door access
    • Inside storage with latched door
    • Multiple compartments
    • Backboard storage
    • Available for Explorer & Durango
    • (EMS90-EXPL- 01 or 03 requires installation platform)
    • Tool drawer included
    • System allows secure transport by folding the 70% rear seat and includes straps

    Overview: Full depth EMS cabinet for a mid size SUV custom full height, L-shaped EMS cabinet extending to the back of the driver seat.  There are three large open compartments with adjustable shelves for flexibility of current and future EMS equipment and another open compartment with two adjustable shelves accessible by opening the street side rear door behind the driver. You can carry a full size back board and still retain storage behind the remaining 30% curb side rear seat.  This cabinet requires the rear seat behind the driver to be removed or the 70% seat folded down to carry the back board.

    Full Depth EMS Cabinet <br />for Full Size SUV